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Mitutoyo Micrometers

In 1934 the largest metrology company on the planet was started with only one product: the Micrometer. The founder Yehan Numata were built with a vision to produce the very best micrometer in the market at a cost which was accessible to the store bought.

The organization has continued to develop it's products of precision measuring tools following a success of the Micrometer and also the need for supplementary/related tools such as the caliper and indicators.


With the chronilogical age of electronics visiting fruition, Mitutoyo continues to adapt their products to satisfy the need for today's users. Mitutoyo presently has several items that have electronic instruments integrated into them and/or are compatible with pcs.

Data collectors and analysis software followed closely behind the integration of electronics into Mitutoyo's line of measurement tools. The requirement for these supporting products was largely brought about using the invention of SPC or even more commonly known as statistical process control.

New age tools which were produced by Mitutoyo are capable of measuring into the sub-micron range. The organization has continually adapted to the changes in the marketplace as any great company does.

Brief Good reputation for the Micrometer

Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic

Once the effectiveness and capabilities of the Micrometer were fully understood the product was utilized in several other manufacturing operations - however at the bottom, the tool was designed for that watch making industry.

The original design of the micrometer am large which was was essential to affix the instrument to a table top. This design was called Watt's Tabletop Micrometer. James Watt was the inventor, who previously was involved in steam engine engineering.

It wasn't until the mid nineteenth century however the micrometer really was commercialized. It was achieved following a invention/improvement of the design referred to as "millionth of an inch" model. Sir Joseph Whitworth is the man accredited with this model.

Over in France - new of micrometer was being developed. The 550d was smaller, more refined and could be held in your hand. This new model could also produce accurate results, but at a fraction of the size. This new design while being developed in France, was really made popular if this hit American soil. American manufactures saw significant advantage to incorporating this in the manufacturing process. It was a staple within the production of sewing machines, after which expanded to other products.

Later, the merchandise made it's way back across the ocean to Japan - where it was even further refined. The tool also became useful with the design of Statistical Quality Control. Because these processes and manufturing became even more sophisticated, so did the tool. The newest transfer of it would be to something called an Electronic Micrometer - which can provide extremely accurate readings beyond human capability.

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